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We love hand-making dried flower art that make you happy. In the beginning, our blooms are planted from seed by hand in our Greenacres, WA flower farm. Our seeds are natural, organic, and grown without chemicals. Inspired by the sweet colors of Nature’s flowers and greenery, for months we nurture a diverse cultural showcase of blooms with utmost respect for the sustainability of Earth. Then, our flowers are air-dried or organically preserved, embracing the beauty of everlasting botanicals and Nature’s choice of flowers to represent the Cycle of Life beyond the Cycle of the 4 Seasons. Welcoming the differences of our world and each flower, all of our creations have a special, unique identity, are handmade with love - and celebrate Nature's Art of Dried Flowers where no two items will be identical.



A painting by Kirk Larsen featuring the founder of VanCortlandt Farms creating arrangements in her home flower shop.


  • Achillea Yarrow Summer Berries

    Free flowering yarrow grows in pinky and yellowy shades that dry to a dusty mauve.

    Shop Dried Yarrow 
  • Gomphrena Globosa

    Our dainty blooms of globe amaranth are one of the most attractive flowers to pollinators. The bees and butterflies love it here.

    Shop Dried Gomphrena 
  • Calamagrostis x Acutiflora

    Whimsy sprouts dancing with the wind. This ornamental grass is a natural occurring hybrid species that grows in abundance on our farm near the pond.

    Shop Dried Feather Reed Grass 
  • Ammobium Daisies

    Our perfect little blooms loving in the sunshine.

    Shop Dried Ammobium Daisies 
  • Papaver Somniferum Poppies

    These pretty lilac blooms produce dried birdseed pods that dry to a natural beige.

    Shop Wreaths with Poppies 
  • Avena Sativa Oats

    Lovely grasses crowd the fields. One of our forever favorite crops.

    Shop Dried Avena Oats 
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