Art of Dried Flowers Catalog

We have the great honor of creating EXCLUSIVE wreath designs for many of the US’s top companies.

If you are looking for a “ready-to-ship” design, we invite you to have a look at their best sellers and buy directly from them. 


Curious Country Creations

Dried Assorted Grains Wreath

Shop Assorted Grains Wreath Here 

Dried Assorted Grains Wreath - 19 inch Wheat Wreath




Sweet Annie Eucalyptus Mixed Wreath

Shop Sweet Annie Eucalyptus Mixed Wreath Here

Sweet Annie Eucalyptus Mixed Wreath | Frontgate



Grandin Road

Dried Wildflower Wheat Wreath 

Shop Wildflower Wheat Wreath Here

Dried Wildflower Wheat Wreath | Grandin Road



Pottery Barn

With A Flourish Wreath 

Shop With A Flourish Wreath Here

Dried With A Flourish Wreaths | Pottery Barn




Perennial Garden Wreath 

Shop Perennial Garden Wreath Here

Preserved Perennial Garden Wreath | Terrain



White Flower Farm

Lavender Gardens Wreath 

Shop Lavender Gardens Wreath Here

Lavender Gardens Wreath | White Flower Farm



Williams Sonoma

Garden Party Wreath 

Shop Garden Party Wreath Here

Garden Party Door Wreath | Williams Sonoma



  • Achillea Yarrow Summer Berries

    Free flowering yarrow grows in pinky and yellowy shades that dry to a dusty mauve.

    Shop Dried Yarrow 
  • Gomphrena Globosa

    Our dainty blooms of globe amaranth are one of the most attractive flowers to pollinators. The bees and butterflies love it here.

    Shop Dried Gomphrena 
  • Calamagrostis x Acutiflora

    Whimsy sprouts dancing with the wind. This ornamental grass is a natural occurring hybrid species that grows in abundance on our farm near the pond.

    Shop Dried Feather Reed Grass 
  • Ammobium Daisies

    Our perfect little blooms loving in the sunshine.

    Shop Dried Ammobium Daisies 
  • Papaver Somniferum Poppies

    These pretty lilac blooms produce dried birdseed pods that dry to a natural beige.

    Shop Wreaths with Poppies 
  • Avena Sativa Oats

    Lovely grasses crowd the fields. One of our forever favorite crops.

    Shop Dried Avena Oats 
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